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GIQ: Case Study - Fujairah Weekly Oil Inventory Data GIQ Project 2015-2017

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UAE Government Open Data Policy 2021

Why data is open?

In line with the principles of transparency, openness, cooperation and sharing, the United Arab Emirates has adopted the open data concept – the government encourages all its ministries to provide files and documents through its website that includes content that can be shared and republished to increase the level of public awareness in the specialized knowledge of its practices.

The UAE open data policy is considered one of the leading practices that reflect the desire of the UAE for continuous development. By opening up to the public and providing all the data and information they need in a transparent and seamless manner, it enables them to follow up and to give their feedback about the quality of Govt services and activities.

The UAE realises the importance of making data and information available for government and private sectors as it allows citizens and residents access to whatever they need and can support their participation in the development process. This falls under the philosophy of understanding community needs and achieving the Global Competitiveness requirements.

In this context, the UAE launched several initiatives related to information and services in the fields of knowledge, publishing and introducing facts, statistics and data. These efforts culminated in achieving first place in the MENA region and 26th globally in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 issued by Transparency International. The index includes measures for the levels of disclosure, obligation to disclose, and the publishing of, information and statistics.

Last Update: 05/04/2017

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