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The 3rd GCC Petroleum Media Forum Whitepaper Special Report 2017

By:Gulf Intelligence


Government-Industry-Media: Enhancing the Historic Nexus?

By H.E. Eng. Suhail Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy, UAE

Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. We have more information at our fingertips today than ever before – it must be used wisely. Since the world’s first newspaper was created in the early 1600s, the nature of reporting has changed almost beyond recognition. Today’s highly competitive 24/7 cycle of petroleum media is fed by an ever-growing array of titles and news mediums. The deadlines are tight – news is reported in minutes and hours, not days – and consumers’ demands are higher than ever before. But this cannot jeopardize accuracy, which is the first and most important rule of journalism. The same ethos must also apply to those in industry and government, who are responsible for sharing information that must be timely with the correct data and messages. The entire energy ecosystem must adjust to keep pace with the unprecedented change in the energy markets, including the rapid growth of social media as a tool of communication. Decision makers in government, industry and media need accurate  information in order for GCC countries to profitably and efficiently meet the 49% growth in the Middle East’s energy consumption by 2035, as forecast by BP’s Energy Outlook. Correct information leads to sound decision making – it is a simple equation that the entire ecosystem must keep at the forefront of their minds. Every facet involved in petroleum media – government, industry and media – must re-focus their efforts to bolster transparency, contact building and factchecking. Updating the guidelines for the petroleum media in the GCC requires a collaborative effort, which is free from blame and finger-pointing. The GCC is entering a new chapter that has the potential to create a world-leading petroleum media - but everyone must be on board. Now is the time for unity. 


Last Update: 09/07/2017

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